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Roman Adventure I

Next country of our Europe trip was the city of Rome.
“Rome wasn’t built in a day”
and i truly believe it.
This city was really pretty on its own, with all the graffiti around their walls.
It did took us quite a well to get used it though.

That’s us at the usual pitstops for meal and toilet breaks!
and we discovered this awesome nutella snack on the go that we had it for days!
and a very interesting pocket espresso that just needed water and you can drink it!
oh, a point to mention, Italians are very proud of their espresso coffee that we had that instead of our usual latte in the country of italy (:
we had this really interesting experience in this trip (see that cup of hot milk),
apparently, in rome latte caffe = hot milk with a little bit of coffee and caffe latte = coffee with milk.
so you really have to be careful in ordering the right thing since communication was seriously a huge problem!
our hotel was located at the outskirts of italy so we were given the honour to experience their train service, which was very similar to the SMRT!

off for a rome walking tour!
the weather was so awesome, that’s how much i miss singapore hot weather then!

Look! horses again!

And that’s us at the classic Trevi Fountain!
after the coin throwing, apparently there’s some coin throwing belief.
one coin:good luck
two coins: new romance
three coins: marriage.
we each threw ! so wells, no guessing as to how many we donated to the fountain yeps!
and that’s also when the weather started to change!

the heavy downpour explains the reason why we are in ponchos!
oh, i have to give credit to F1 uh huh,
apparently it was part of their survival pack that we bought during the F1 night race and mr bf didnt unpack them from his bag (though he insists that he brought them on purpose) so wells, no need to buy expensive umbrella! :D

the weather was nice to us though cos it stopped so that we could walk all the way to the colosseum which was another rome sights that was so worth going (:

we whole bunch of us then retreated back for some home cooked dinner.
and the best part! it had free wireless then, it feels so nice to be connected to the world again! (:

The BEST holidays

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