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Respond the Five-Star Way

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The Front Desk is most often, though not always, the ‘hot seat’ for guests’ comments, requests, and complaints. Being in a five star hotel and as the main point of contact with the guests, it is important to know and practice dealing and responding to guests concerns the five-star way.

As the common quote “it is easier said than done” implies, it is frequently difficult for most of the colleagues to respond and handle even the most common guest concern. Why? Because of the driven attitude towards the guest himself and the situation at hand. Why do we often seem to fail the guest even if we think we have listened to them and assured them that their concerns will be satisfied? Why is it that even if we are constantly reminded that guests are the most important people that we have to take good care of, we still receive unsatisfactory feedback about their stay with us? I think it is all rooted to the fact that we tend to forget the basic characteristic a front-line staff should possess: strong interpersonal skills. If we embed in us the true meaning of this, we would be able to provide professional service to our clients.

I myself want to internalize how I may be able to religiously practice Interpersonal Skills. I want to think about the time when I didn’t demonstrate professional service and list ways to improve on my appearance, personal behavior and working attitude to be more professional. I’ll also try to note down the common factors why we are not behaving in a five-star way. It is best to understand and point out the areas of improvements when we are observant of our own behavior and keeping on track our daily job.

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