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Rebel Son

I just called my baby mama to wish our son a happy 22nd.

In the morning, I travel to Yuma to celebrate this birthday with him. My gift? I copied his Facebook wall  birthday greetings on my arm in ink. He misses facebook, he misses his friends. He’s missing out on life.

 The weather will be cool enough to get away with this sinister deed as long sleeves shouldn’t  be suspect, I hope.

The guards and I don’t always get along every month. So I will be my most conservative self, as I smuggle in his birthday messages. However, should things get ugly it will be a good story.. and I may be late coming home.

Feel free to send a greeting. My legs have space for rent. And well, if I’m gonna bend the rules, it should be in grandious fashion!

Happy Birthday Michel

The BEST holidays

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