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Re-Run of Paradise Island: Pho Quoc – Day 14 (1 Nov 2011)

If you don’t like repetition, Pho Quoc Island is not for you. If you don’ t like sun, combined with palm trees and gently lapping turquoise waters, stay far…far away from Pho Quoc Island. If you want loads to do and a ton of tourists to do it with, cross Pho Quoc off your itinerary. My one and only complaint about Pho Quoc, for which my days in the Peace Corps prepared me, are the bugs. This place is teeming with bugs! Ants of all sizes, spiders of all shapes and colors, roaches, frogs, lizards, beetles, mosquitos, flies, etc. My first night at Mai’s House I found a cute little frog in my room. The cute little hotel staff, Phoum, got rid of the cute little frog for me. I could just imagine that thing jumping on me in the middle of the night. Oh, not a pretty picture for all the staff and hotel guests involved. I guess the bugs are the price you pay for having nature at your doorstep.

Speaking of screaming…yes, I try not to scream when I see a bug but it’s a work in progress…I forgot to tell you a funny thing that happened to me my last night in Hanoi. I was beat-down tired from all the touring and all I could think about was taking a quick nap in my heavenly Sofitel bed and then hitting the Old Quarters for the Street Food Extravaganza. When I opened my hotel room door, I saw this little ninja (I know, that is so inappropriate, but he had on a ninja costume…black satin pants suit) scurrying about my room. It honestly felt like I was in the Matrix movie because he appeared to be running towards me without his feet hitting the floor. Chile, I screamed like a girl from the ‘hood…Washington, DC, that is…although DC is quickly losing its ‘Hood status, you know what I mean? The poor guy was pulling down my bed (is that how you say it?) and was trying to run to the door to let me know he was in there. I didn’t realize men in ninja suits do the pulling down of beds. I would come home…yes, home…to find a bag of chocolates on my pillow and the sheets pulled down. I would have expected a woman. I know…I too hold gender biases.

That’s all for today, good people. The motorbike tour that was supposed to happen yesterday didn’t because I forgot to show up. I’m going out today. I’ll remember this time.

The BEST holidays

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