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Random Life Thoughts


Tonight I sit here and think about life, one again. I am in South Lake Tahoe for a week and I usually love traveling for work but lately not so much. I would much rather be in the comfort of my own home in my own bed and have the many other conveniences of my own space. Many people do not like to be away from home or in any uncomfortable elements. This may be one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves, especially if we know that it’s something we don’t want to do. Many people get used to their day to day lives that they live and don’t know anything different. Another thing those same people probably do is get bored with their day to day lives and its mostly because they are afraid to try something new or exciting. It is when we are forced to leave the usual and comfortable that we have the most excitement in our lives and when we really get to appreciate the value of our space that we own. Hotels are great in one aspect because you really don’t have to clean, I mean you leave in the morning to do whatever fun and exciting things your day holds and you can come back completely exhausted and the bed is made and the whole room has been cleaned so all that you have to do is fall asleep to be able to start your exciting day tomorrow! How could we ask for anything more right? On the contrary of course staying in hotels have their downfalls. I am currently staying in a hotel that charges $12.00 to use their internet!!! This internet charge is one of the most outrageous things I have ever heard of. I remember back in around 2005 when you always had to pay for internet but that was also the time when you had to plug your big bulky laptop into a phone line to use the slow dial-up internet. I don’t think I have ever been more mad about something in a hotel… I mean this is 2012 we are living in now right??? I was determined to find a solution that was better than paying over $50.00 per week for the three weeks that I will be staying in this hotel because there is no way I am going without internet for three weeks. Rather than calling the hotel manager and complaining (which was my first choice but probably wouldn’t have been very productive), I called my wireless carrier (Verizon) because i had heard that the WIFI hotspots that run off your phone were fairly cheap. The representative from Verizon was very knowledgeable and I was able to get a phone-based WIFI hotspot immediately for $20.00 per month!! So besides the inconvenience of expensive or no internet  in hotels there’s also the fact that the beds are not always comfortable and once you get used to your bed at home even a slightly different bed can leave you feeling achy and sore the next day. In my opinion the biggest inconvenience of staying in a hotel is not having your nice kitchen at home where you can store groceries and make whatever you feel like while having tons of pre-paid choices! I have been baking a lot lately and going to and experimenting with cooking which has been so much fun but now that it’s not available to me I miss it dearly. On my last business trip they fed us way too much food and I gained 6 lbs!!! I promised myself I wouldn’t do that this trip and already after the first day I am feeling slow and lethargic from snacking on sugary foods and eating way too much at each meal.

I have also been reading a lot of articles lately about new year’s resolutions and how many people don’t follow through with them and the most popular reasons they don’t work out. I can understand how setting many different new years resolutions all at once is basically setting yourself up for failure. I mean, it’s hard enough to make or break one new habit let alone bombarding yourself with all of these unrealistic goals i.e.; lose 100 lbs this year, run 2 miles per day (someone who doesn’t ever run), get out of debt (someone who has 25k+ in credit card debt alone). All of those things can be mighty overwhelming by themselves let alone built into this big resolution mountain that you are going to try to climb by the end of the year. All in all, goals are a great thing to set for yourself but if goals were that easy to accomplish and we could all multitask that well then we would all be skinny, healthy, debt free and fit! The more realistic thing to do is to make a list of the things that you would like to do and prioritize them, maybe make one for each month depending on the goal that way you can work towards building habits that support that goal and only focus on one per month. If your goal is to lose 100 lbs by the end of the year there are many things that physically and mentally need to change, there is a reason you let yourself get 100 lbs or more overweight and it definitely is not something you can just change overnight. I definitely have many goals to accomplish and one of them is some major weight loss but I understand that I have not lost any weight because I have not even started to do any major adjusting to my diet, exercise, or mental preparedness to begin losing weight. Of course the basic principle of losing weight is to eat less calories than we burn in a day and that this habit over time will cause our body to use our stored body fat for energy and burn our fat for fuel and in turn we lose weight. This sounds simple enough but when there’s candy, doughnuts, chocolate, baked goods and all that other good bad for you food around all day and everyone is eating these foods and having such a good time it almost takes super human powers not to indulge. I have a friend who has done the HCG diet and lost 21 lbs recently. She looks great and I am super happy for her I just wonder how things will go after she gets off the 500 calorie per day diet. I tried this diet for around a 2-week period and lost around 14 lbs and it was great I didn’t feel hungry or tired. But when I stepped off the plan and went back to eating normal the weight piled back on as easily and quickly as it had left.  The point to this story is that you can probably go on a crash diet and lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time but unless you are really careful when you come off the diet you will gain the weight back and maybe some more that you began with and it can be really upsetting. Set small healthy goals for yourself that are realistic and measurable and each time you reach a small goal find a healthy way to celebrate such as going on a hike or walk with a friend or maybe going to the spa. :)

About life in general, tonight I guess nothing really comes to mind except if you are reading this and staying in a hotel that has free internet… BE THANKFUL :)

If you aren not staying in a hotel with free internet or even a hotel at all, find something to be thankful for and even write it down. I challenge you to start a journal and each day either when you wake up or before you go to bed write down just one thing that you are thankful for at that moment in time. This can even be something as the fact that you have a bed to sleep in or hot water in your shower. These thoughts on a daily basis even once per day are very likely to increase your quality of life very quickly and you will quickly start finding things throughout the day to be thankful for so that when you go to bed you can write down the things that meant the most to you. This journal doesn’t have to have just one thing per day, it can have many or even write a whole page about what you are thankful about if you are in an extra good mood. One rule about this journal is to never write anything negative in it. If you want to become a more positive and overall good person make this journal a priority and only let yourself write positive things in this journal. When you make this into a habit you will have lists of things that you are thankful for and these things will change on a day-to-day basis. If you are ever feeling sad or like your day isn’t worth it just look back at this journal and all the things you have been thankful for on a day-to-day basis and it will help you realize how truly special and valuable your life is. In writing this entry this is an idea that I just came up with and I am going to start one of those within my blog. I am going to create a separate page for this so that it is more easily monitored. If you have any questions, comments, etc. I’d love to hear them!!

Yours Truly,

The Green Butterfly

The BEST holidays

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