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Qantas, Ah the chaos and as for the AGM….

It’s Friday and home again.  I lost a few colleagues this week to job changes and internal transfers and they will be missed but the wheels have not fallen off.  As for the “Spirit of Australia”, more industrial action but some time I wonder that Qantas are their own worst enemy but more on that later.

Lets talk food:

We were offered water this week and a mountain of packaging – as if the carbon foot print of the flight is not enough!


But I did find a good use for the “Recycling” bag.  It made a great place mat!


Industrial Action and Luggage.

The baggage handlers were meant to be having a stop work starting at 4 PM n Melbourne but they got revenge in a new and more insidious way.  Put the luggage from the advertised carousel on another and not tell anyone.  We must have stood there for 15 minuets looking at luggage from another flight going around and around.  Rather amusing in hindsight which I did not see at the time.  This was nothing compared to the circus that was the Qantas AGM today.  The PR people did a ring around so the institutional investors went with the flow and the direction of the board.  This did not stop the pilots, unions and a number of smaller shareholders have a swipe at the board and CEO, Alan Joyce.  Emily Bourke from the ABC’s World Today summed it up with this “The Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, has hit out at three unions he’s accused of trying to veto management plans for the company. Mr Joyce says the company has to alert the ASX that the industrial action has cost the group $68 million so far, and is driving customers away. The unions have rejected the claims, and asked why the board would consider granting Mr Joyce a large pay increase”.  He must really love his job some days!

Next 7 days

Next week I am staying in Melbourne, what with the Melbourne Cup and work related activities based in Bourke Street, I have got a reprieve from Canberra but not work!

The BEST holidays

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