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Thursday, October 6th, 2011 – [Day -2]

It couldn’t come any faster.

Oregon has been my home for just 25 years and three weeks. In two days, California will be my new home.

Leading up to this point there has been a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, a lot of butterflies wrestling inside my stomach. Today I successfully acquired a place to live and many of my fears have been lifted.

I was able to see just about everyone I know in Coos County before leaving. Had my last pizza sandwich with friends  at Gino’s and then had my last beer at Walt’s. Ingested alcohol of all different colors, from the blue of AMF to the red-orange of a Sex on the Beach to the brown of the “Gutenshtiff,” invented by Mike and his fellow drunk companions, the recipe more complicated than my alcohol-soaked brain could comprehend. In this instance  there was some random mixture of Stolli, Wild Turkey, Godiva, and Red Bull that tasted like a curdled chocolate raspberry smoothie.

Lovely card made by friends

Lovely card made and signed by my friends

Don’t remember the rest of the night, just snippets featuring Xtreme Grilled Stuft Burritos at Taco Bell (hopefully my last Taco Bell run for a while, at least until I return to Coos Bay again) and telling my musician friend how inferior I feel on guitar and how I have hit a wall musically.

Woke up at on a friend’s couch and took the three mile walk back to Walt’s to retrieve my car. Stumbled a few times, got drizzled on a little bit, but felt like I had really accomplished something. Something bigger than my hungover self.

My coworkers surprised me on my last day of work with a workspace full of balloons and pirate paraphernalia. They later explained to me that they imagined me going out on a “Pirate Adventure,” hence all the hooks and compasses and pirate swag.

Me, hungover, at my compromised work environment

Me, hungover, at my compromised work environment

Lots of sad good byes. Lots of hugs. Piles of cake and snack foods. Hard to comprehend everything going on because of the squishy feeling in my brain and the fear that I smelled like I felt.

Once I got off from work, my final challenge would be to load my station wagon full of everything I own, including strapping my California King-sized mattress to my roof and leaving just enough room for me to drive and for my cats to travel box to sit comfortably. Luckily, my handy friend helped me and we performed the car packing as though it were surgery.

California King Mattress

California King mattress, folded in half and half ready for mounting on my station wagon.

Tonight will be my last night in Coos Bay. Tomorrow my journey begins.

The BEST holidays

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