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POV at the W Hotel Washington

Unbeknown to us, the Hotel Washington was bought by W Hotels sometime after our last visit in 2007, hence the confusion you are about to read. Towers  and I decided to get an evening cocktail with a view and opted for what we thought was the Hotel Washington rooftop bar. We were both excited to revisit a place we remembered as being classy and calm with a beautiful view of the Washington Monument.  The view is still breathtaking, but this watering hole is no longer what it used to be. It is now POV and decorated with modern décor, complete with men in tight pants, women leaving nothing to the imagination and euro beats. The entire room was red, both in its wall fabric and lighting, which some may find a great mood setter but for us was a total let down. We had our hearts set on mahogany and hunter green tones with dimmed lighting, men in jackets and women in black cocktail dresses.

I asked the bartender when the refurbishing happened and he said they have been under new management for a while; to be exact, the Hotel Washington became the first W Hotel in DC on July 8, 2009. My research and this found fact better explained the lack of understanding regarding our bartender’s statement that “POV has always been POV”.

To be fair, yes, we were already disappointed with the atmosphere but in our defense, we were hoping that these prized cocktail recipes made by a professional “mixologist” would quickly revive the high spirits that were lost upon entering the lounge. I ordered a traditional dirty vodka martini and was greatly dissatisfied that my olives had seeds inside.  I really did not feel sexy spitting seeds out in front of Towers!  I do however give the person who makes their perfectly shaped ice a big thumbs up. All and all, I was happy to be spontaneous, spend a few moments with Towers and enjoy the great view. There are times when places like that are fun, but do not venture to POV if you are NOT looking for a swanky lounge for you and a date. 1 Champagne bottle out of 5. –Tara

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