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Pictures of our trip to Malta

Here are the photos that I promised from the Malta trip.  I’m starting first with Valletta, the capital city.

Streets of Valletta.  On the right is a Christmas Cake that was for sale in the restaurant where we ate lunch.   The words on the cake are written in Maltese. We had a nice lunch at this restaurant but alas, no Christmas cake.

Clock faces on a Cathedral

The man on the right was really drawing with his left toes and foot.

The views of the coast from Valletta are wonderful.

Some of them were taken from the little Christmas sight seeing train. We were getting tired of the rain and this was a great way to see the city.  It actually poured while we were on the train.

The next 6 photos are of the St. John Cathedral and then the following 13 photos were taken in Gozo the little island north of the “big” island of Malta.  We took a Hop on – Hop off bus and enjoyed our day.

If you click on a photo in the gallery of photos which will come up next, they will pop up in a larger format.  The Island of Gozo was a bit greener than Malta.  Toward the middle of the group of photos, you will see the wonderful rock formations.  This is were Stephen proposed to Lexie.

The following photos are from the inside of the St. John’s Co-cathedral.  This church was amazing. St. John’s Cathedral was finished in 1577, with the original purpose being as a conventual church for the Knights of St. John, and the Knights themselves contributed greatly to enrich this place of worship with the best works of art.  Most of the knights came from wealthy aristocratic families.  Thus the  carved stone wall designs, the painted vaulted ceiling, side altars and Caravaggio’s painting – Beheading of St. John the Baptist are all amazing.  This is probably the most beautiful church I have ever seen.

The floor is a display of tombstones made out of elaborate colored marble which is crafted in such a way that creates a superb pavimento. Many sons of Europe’s noble families from the 16th to the 18th centuries, as well as the founder of Valletta, lie buried under the tombstones.  Below you can how beautiful this church really is.

The last photo is of a very large bronze scuplure of Christ.  I thought that it looked very modern.  But according to the sign, it was done in the 1500′s.

The BEST holidays

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