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Picture of the Day 01.01.2012


As part of one of my New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve decided that it would be sort of therapeutic for me to use the camera on my cell phone (and a bit of my imagination and not-so-sharp-eyes) to capture a moment in time in my wanderings outside of the house (and more importantly getting out of the house as often as possible – even during the winter). These will be by no means professional (or quality) even in my most deluded imagination.

Hopefully though, they might in fact be insightful…

This is the other end of my street here in Providence, RI, USA as I decided to say, “to hell with it” about making my own coffee and instead hitting the local Dunkin Donuts to get an iced coffee instead. While the architecture of the area is extremely reminiscent of the turn of the 19th to 20th century, a lot of these houses are in serious disrepair and abandoned. It saddens me given the history (and past culture) of this area and of the city on the whole. Here’s to hoping this area will go through a revitalization as the Broadway area did during the mid 90s.

The BEST holidays

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