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Philippines First

Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao


Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos

Mayon Volcano

These are just some of the places I want to visit when I grow up and earn a living. Philippines first before going abroad and bowled over others’ tourist spots. I would love to love our own, Philippines first. Of course I understand why other Filipinos go in foreign lands for good. I can tell that we are not the richest country in the universe. But I know how lucky we are to have a beautiful place to live in. I fix to visit places in our country before going North or West. I would love to bring the vision of a beautiful country when I visit other countries.

Its sad that sometimes people living in these beautiful places forget how to maintain them and how to make them more sightly. Peeps would build their houses near the spot that make it look like squatters area already. It sucks! If I only have billions of almighty dollar-I would build them houses, bigger than Malacañan Palace, myself.

Those politicians who are taking our riches from our pockets should be drown in a cesspit! Instead of making our country worth living, they would travel abroad and spend our money for their own satisfaction. If only killing is illegal, I would’ve killed all our politicians. That’s why I cannot blame those Filipinos who chose to live abroad. They can’t endure poverty, corruption, and crab mentality. But maybe they should’ve done something before leaving right?

Anyway, it makes me great-hearted when outlanders love Philippines. But sometimes it keeps me wandering why other foreigners chose to have businesses here, tho we have a low economy. Maybe because we love things, and foods from other countries. We really do. We love Chanel, right? We support other countries but we always draw a blank to support our own. That’s why there are so many outlanders who chose to have businesses here than in their own land. No wander now why foreigners loves Philippines. Aside from business, maybe its because of us, Filipinos talaga. We are very accommodating and hospitable kase. We are nice people naman eh. (Except some from the South.) When can we finally find peace in Mindanao kaya?

I wanted to visit Mindanao because I thought there are so many beautiful tourist spots there. Davao. Yes. But I’m scared. I may not be able to see the sun rise again. My dad already went there, and he was terrified. Haha! Who wouldn’t? I think all civilians in Mindanao are very brave. Hats off! But I guess there’s nothing to be shake up about the place. I guess. Shrug!

I choose to visit Mindanao first before going to Korea or China. I love Philippines! Hey, what’s not to love?

BTW, please vote for Puerto Prinsesa Underground River for the new 7 wonders of the world.

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