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Party Prince Harry Does Just That In Solana Beach!


And if he wants, he can continue the partying when he gets to Arizona.Sen. John McCain has some hot tips for him and everything!

When one finishes their first week of military training, one deserves the chance to unwind and hang out. That’s exactly what Prince Harrydecided to do, finishing off his first week in the states with a a rousing night of music and fun at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, Calif.

Saturday night the Prince was spotted there, and a spokeswoman for the club admitted that Harry was ” unbelievably sweet, and was very courteous and friendly to the staff.” She added that Harry looked like he had a marvelous time, “dancing and laughing and going from person to person. You could tell he was a big music fan.”

We’re glad he had such a good weekend, since it’s back to business today back at the base. Soon, however, he’ll be traveling out to Gila Bend, Ariz., for the second phase of his military training and while we might not know the best places for him to rest his head while staying there, someone else took to their Twitter to recommend a nice, UFO-themed hotel the Prince could enjoy while in town – Arizona’s Sen. John McCain. The former Presidential candidate tweeted:”Prince Harry in Gila Bend, AZ! I recommend the Space Age Lodge.”

Yeah, while spaceships and aliens might’ve been his thing 20 years ago, it sounds like Harry would much rather enjoy staying on the base’s hotel, which has a fridge, nice size bed, a flat screen TV and a private bathroom. Sounds a lot nicer than some of the digs his fellow soldiers are probably staying in. Course, if he needs a place to stay the next time his is in Hollywood, we know someone who would be happy to accommodate him.

US!!! LOLz!!!

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The BEST holidays

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