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Update @ParkHyattTO:  thank you for caring enough to call and apologize.  (I’m sorry I was sleeping when you called.  There’s a privacy option for the door, but not the phone.)  The fact that you try and make it right is why I keep coming back.  Looking forward to the next few days with you, as always.


Checked in this afternoon with the usual charming front desk staff.  Seriously.  Always a pleasure.

After waiting 20 minutes, I called down to see about my luggage.  Twice.  No answer.  Went down to find my bags still sitting beside the concierge desk.  Picked them up, including my briefcase, without anyone saying a word.

Delayed luggage when a hotel is busy I get.  But being able to take bags off a luggage cart without question?  That worries me.  Does it worry you?

The BEST holidays

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