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Paris— The city of the fine art

 I’ve been in Paris three times. The first time I traveled there I was only 9 years old. It’s a wonderful city, full of the atmosphere of art. The first impression that the city left me was just like the famous painting “Impression, soleil levant” by Claude Monet.Parisis a very generous, grandiose city. I can remember a bibliography of a famous architect before, she wrote, if you travel to a new country, the first thing, which tries to contact with you, is the architecture of the country. With the special style of the culture, it tells you the history, the finest art there; it can be more real than any images on your books. With more cultural content and feeling, it walks into your heart. 

Why is Paris so beautiful? In my opinion, it lies in the fantastic architecture, which combines the history with the art; it lies in many poets, writers, who melt their mind and feeling into their marvelous works; it lies in the fashion power, which leads you to a dazzling special word… The sunshine, the night, the dream and the idleness ofParisbuild a harmonious ensemble, which attracts many tourists every year. It is a city, which has all but exhausted the superlatives that can reasonably be applied to any city. 

Seine in the evening

The river Seine is an important waterway inParis. It played an important role in the birth ofParis, Seine andParisis a whole, just like the heart and its arteries. It’s like a belt, softly holding the city in its arms. The French used to say, there would be no France without Paris, but the Parisians say, there would be no Paris without the Seine. If you’re just walking through the city, please just take a little time, sitting by the Seine, enjoying the beautiful landscape around, you would feel that you were so close to the heart of Paris. (If you like, you can also take a round trip on the river.)

And there’re about 30 bridges across the river, many of them were rebuilt a few times, but their names remind people of the history in different epochs. The most beautiful one is Alexander III, decorated with flowers, angels and goddesses of the ocean. It was a symbol of the peace between France and Russia.


Notre Dame de Paris

At the Seine you’ll see the famous Notre Dame de Paris. Maybe you’ve already read the story by Victor Hugo about Esmeralda, Frollo, Pheobus and Quasimodo. Yes, it happened right here. It’s such a grand beauty and magnificent monument that it’s considered to be one of the world’s greatest cathedrals. The entire cathedral was first finished in 1351 but it suffered quite a lot of damages in the next 300 years. It is designed in gothic style and consists of three parts, the gallery of Kings, the great western rose and the dual towers. In the sunshine, the cathedral looks lustrous, serene, solemn, mysterious and peaceful. In front of it there’s a big square and it’s a world of artists, painting, making music or selling their works.

Notre Dame de Paris


I’ve been to many museums in different countries, but the Louvré is really something special, so that I usually spent a whole day in it. That’s a master work atSeine, like a graceful noble lady, watching her admirers with the kind of Mona-Lisa smile. She is also a goddness of intelligence, bringing the artists inspiration; or maybe it’s even a school, from the dawn to the evening, welcoming thousands of students from everywhere. It’s hard to describe the museum in detail because it’s too wonderful that men’s words can express. It’s also very huge, so that because of my poor direction feeling I always got lost in it…


Musée de l’Armée

On the way from Notre Dame de Paris to the museum of Rodin you’ll come across the museum of the army. It was built in 1670 and used to be a hospital for army in the period of Louis XIV. Here you’ll find the grave of the famous hero — Napoleon.


People usually say, if you don’t visit Versailles, then you can’t say you’ve been in Paris.Versaillesis one of the most luxurious palaces I’ve ever seen and absolutely a shooting star in France. It’s an incredible example of classical French gardens and baroque architecture. Outside the whole palace is surrounded by splendid gardens, adorned with statues and fountains and inside the rooms are all covered with complex ornaments, gold and jewels. To show off his wealth, King Louis XIV hired many great architects to build the palace. It becomes then a symbol to embody majesty and power of the French monarchy. The most wonderful highlight in the palace should be in my opinion the hall of mirrors. The great hall was an exception and designed in Rococo style. There’re 483 mirrors in total, which reflect the wonderful paintings and the sunshine from the garden. Then I understood why King Louis XIV was called the King of the sun… It suited his taste very well. 🙂 It makes me somewhat think of the French opera “Le rois danse”.

Here you can also see the bedroom of Marie Antoinette. I can remember the film “Marie Antoinette” I watched a few years ago. She came to Paris to marry King Louis XVI. In her short life she was always an innocent girl who didn’t care about any other but only herself, which lead to her tragedy at the end.

Mirrors hall in Versailles


That’s also an important palace I’d like to mention. Although it’s not as beautiful as Versailles, it’s famous for its beautiful landscape. The palace was used as a hunting place for the Kings. The interior design is a fine example of Renaissance. By the way, if you have a little time, don’t forget to go to Barbizon near the Fontainebleau forest. It was the origin of the famous École de Barbizon in 19 century. There’s still a small bar, where some great painters used to visit.


Of course Paris has still other places of interest, e.g. Eiffel tower, Triumphal Arch, the museum of Rodin, Cézanne, The Orsay museum, etc. Well informed, eloquent and oh-so-romantic, Parisis truly a philosopher, a poet, a crooner. Suddenly I thought about an essay by Ernest Miller Hemingway: “if you’re lucky enough, so that you’ve been in Paris as you’re young, then Paris will follow you forever, because it’s like a flowing dinner.”

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