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Paris: Part 2


This is Part 2 of my Paris review.  You can check out Part 1 here.  

I did quite a bit of walking in Paris.  The Champs-Elysées alone is a couple miles of walking.  The people who live in Paris seem to be walking with shopping bags in their hands, going from one store to another.  With all of the beggars and gypsies around, there is a lot of poverty not only in Paris, but also Europe as a whole.  One thing I don’t understand, is the large amounts of money people spend for designer clothes.  All of the stores that had huge crowds were the big name designer brand stores.  People spend money like it’s going out of style.  Granted, Japanese tourists spend tons of money on designer clothes, but anywhere I’ve been in Europe has had locals spending a bunch of money on expensive shopping.  One store that was extremely crowded was NOT a clothing store.  However, it was expensive and high-end.  Can you guess what it is?

That’s right, the Apple Store.  It was three stories, Genius Bar on top, main products on the main floor, and accessories on the bottom floor.  It’s probably the nicest Apple Store I’ve ever been to, but also the most crowded.

I bet you can guess what one of my favorite parts of Paris was (and no, it wasn’t the apple store).  The food.  The food was fantastic.  Their omelets are absolutely huge and amazing.  For breakfast one morning, I had an omelet with ham, cheese (seriously real paris cheese), and potatoes.  Also, for dinner one night, we went to what my dad called French “Denny’s” and got crêpes.

There are cafés all over the place, so there’s always a place to stop for a quick espresso.  Starbucks is also in all the big shopping areas of Paris, so if you are missing America, you can always go there.  Good luck finding a seat, because like most places, Starbucks is also packed out.

The cheese stinks, but the stinkier the better.  It’s not cheese that most Americans are used to, so the smell bothered me a bit but not enough to stop me from eating it.  Also, the Coca-Cola (or Coca as the French call it) tastes better since it uses real sugar rather than the high fructose corn syrup and all the crap in American Coke.

More to come.

The BEST holidays

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