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paris in the rain

I’ve been to Paris many times because my uncle and his family live here. Honestly, though, I don’t think it was until my last time here, two and a half years ago, when I realized how beautiful it really is.

By the way, I think I look really stupid in a hat.

Speaking of stupid, today we were doing our thing on the metro (our thing being, you know, riding it) when my sister and I noticed a strange large gray box with wires on the floor. Immediately, our gut reaction was, oh my God, subway bomb. So we decided we were going to be good citizens (also, we didn’t want to die. I don’t think being blown up to bits or having shrapnel in my skull is my death of choice, thank you very much) and were all like, if you see something, say something, or whatever they say in America.

But then it turned out that the box belonged to this metro musician with an accordion. And those were his speakers, not a bomb.

Oh. Duh.

Speakers, bomb. Same thing.


For what it’s worth, he was a very good musician.

Anyway, tomorrow we might be going to Versailles. Out of the many times I’ve been in France, I’ve actually never been to Versailles, so I’m excited.

The BEST holidays

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