Day 10… A little revolution now and then is a good thing. Or so I’ve heard.


We said goodbye to our company early on the morning of vacation day 10, promising to think about joining them for Christmas. The plan was to head down to Yorktown where I’d heard their American Revolution Museum was quite something….. but first, a Golden Corral buffet breakfast.




Biscuits and gravy and cheesy hashbrown casserole.

Long live the artery clogging south!

The museum?




Was everything they said it was…. and a little bit more.




A sprawling place chock full of fascinating history.

(If that’s not your thing? Leave now… I’ll try not to hold it against you.)

2019 was the 400th anniversary of the arrival in America of the first enslaved people from West Africa and the museum devoted an entire section to the subject.




Most of it was hard to read.

To view.

And to understand how seemingly otherwise good people could think this practice was just.




But though horrible, it is a part of this country’s story.




There were many free people of color during the Revolutionary era, and a large number fought alongside the patriots who would later come to own them.

A reprehensible thought.




One of the most stunning documents was this:




Seeing it in black and white gave me a chill.




And the descriptions?








I can’t even imagine.




Even the father of our country wasn’t immune.




I certainly never read that in any school textbook.




Liberty… yes.

But not for all.







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The Ranch

The historic Ranch at Ucross is a wonderful place for us to stay during our annual quilt retreat.  This is the Big Red Barn, which has a wonderful, spacious second floor where we can spread out to sew.

It could hardly be in a more beautiful setting than this, with the Big Horn Mountains in view.

Every day we go for walks to the end of the lane and back, weather permitting.

The facilities for staying overnight are wonderful.  This year, my friends and I were able to stay in the old ranch house itself.

But the other rooms are also very special, and the meals are great!

This ranch would normally be filled up with busloads of tourists in the summer or hunters in the fall, so we’re very grateful to be able to use it in the winter, when they normally wouldn’t be taking in guests.  A real blessing for us!





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An Impromptu Layover in London

postcard design by C. Foster “Keep calm and carry on” After my connecting flight to Pari

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