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Packaging: Blanc Kara

Blanc Kara designed by Coast

Blanc Kara is a new cosmetic range branded and packaged by Brussels based design agency Coast for a new ‘French living’ inspired, spacious, designer boutique hotel (under the same name) located in Miami Beach, Florida.

The hotel’s unique personality and linear frontage has been characterised with a custom logo-type solution (designed by Coast back in February) through bold, geometric and upper-case characters constructed from dual, mono-stroked lines and rounded terminals that deliver what I think is a 1920′s Art Deco undertone. This has been utilised and emphasised as over-sized three-letter abbreviations (indicting the cosmetic type) to create a simple yet sophisticated typographical solution that reinforces the hotel’s themes.  The curves of the letter-forms are really well executed and compliment the short stubby nature of the bottles. The black and white colour palette is straightforward and classic while the contrasting red detail gives it a slightly more contemporary edge. The details on the reverse, created from the same typeface but as a single stroke, aids typographic size in establishing a strong pack and brand hierarchy that can easily be expanded across further ranges.

Blanc Kara designed by CoastBlanc Kara designed by Coast

Blanc Kara designed by Coast

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