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Orchids and Orcas

Orchids and Orcas
We had no real plans for our second day in Hervey Bay. After having breakfast, we wandered down to the camp office to see what was going on. Too late for any full day trips, it was suggested that we take advantage of the half day Whale Watching trip. So one trip. Duly booked we had a morning to fill. Well the nd lady in the camp office suggested we take a stroll down to the local botanical gardens. Which we did. Well, what a beautiful place. The gardens themselves attempted tom replicate various environments, and they totally succeeded. The best feature was the Orchid House. It was only small, but was framed with a wide variety of plants, as the following pictures will attest.


After a bite of lunch, we were picked up and taken down to the local Marina, where the boat was waiting for us. The trip took us past Fraser Island to a bay where pods of Southern Humpback Whales were known to be gathering. OK, I’ll come clean, there were no Orcas, I just thought that the alliterative title scanned better than Orchids and Humpbacks!!

The trip was great, there were two highlights, the first was the site of a mother with her head out of water remaining totally motionless, whilst her calf swam around her feeding on her milk.

A bit later we were witness to another mother humpback encouraging her calf to swim up and have a look at the boat. Repeated swim pasts were met with cheers and looks of wonder from the assembled crowd. It was a thoroughly fulfilling day.

On return to our van, Jan started cooking dinner whilst I popped out to the local bottle shop for some beer and wine. Would you believe that they have drive through off licences in Aus?

sorry, I appear to have forgotten to upload my whale pics. So, dear reader you will have to come back and see them later.

The BEST holidays

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