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I haven’t blogged since I went away on my trip. I find it difficult as I don’t get internet connection all the time. Well, I sort of did at the first place I was staying, but had to move to another place where there’s no wifi around. I had to purchase hotspot access to get internet in public areas. Thankfully, Hong Kong is equiped with wifi hotspots everywhere, but it’s still a pain in the ass to have to physically go over to a hotspot to get internet. The good news is, hotspot wifi is cheap – about $5-6/mo. I’ll cancel it the last day I’m in Hong Kong.

So what else is new? I received the job offer a few weeks ago. I was kind of freaking out a little because they told me they were going to get back to me before I start my trip but obviously didn’t. I kind of lost hope after I didn’t hear back from them for a week. But I discovered the reason why was probably because they had to get approval to change the title and for my salary expectation. I noticed they dropped the “Jr.” from the title and offered me exactly what I asked for salary wise, so I’m happy. I actually asked for a little bit more than what I was getting from the last job so I ended up giving myself a raise, awesome.

Right now I’m back in Hong Kong. I came back from my G Adventure tour last week that started in Vietnam, then to Cambodia, and finished in Thailand. I stayed in Thailand (Bangkok) for an extra 5 days. The place I liked the most during my visit was Phenom Penh, Cambodia. Phenom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and the reason why I liked it the most is because it was more real. Real in terms of how it was not as touristy as Siam Reap (where Angkor Wat is located). You get to see the daily lives of the local, I actually got to go to someone’s home to have a homestay dinner at the outskirts of town. That was cool. I’ve had similar meals in Cuba before, but this one felt more authentic. The family I visited in Phenom Penh was running an after school program for neighbourhood kids, the father of the family is a teacher by day. So they don’t do this for a living, unlike the place I ate at in Havana.

Bangkok was cool. I was there alone and stayed at a guesthouse. It’s nothing fancy at all, it’s clean and safe. I only spend $20/night so that was a really good deal. The guesthouse was situated 5 minutes walk away from the Skytrain (BTS) so it was pretty convinent for me to get around quickly. The traffic in Bangkok is insane so it was better to take public transit when possible. Although the Old City (where the temples are by the river) doesn’t have access to public transit so I usually grab a metered taxi at the last station to save some money. Bangkok really isn’t all that walkable. The distance between different parts of town is at least a 30-40 min walk and at night, most streets looks dark and shady (the streets that aren’t closed to hotels).

Taxi there is cheap, starts at $1 and I can usually get to my destination for around $2.30 (distance probably around 6km). I need to ask the taxi driver if he’ll use a meter before I get in or else he’ll charge a flat rate. I almost got scammed by a Tuk Tuk driver the other night. I asked how much to get to a specific BTS station and he told me 20 baht, I repeated the amount and he said yes. It was really cheap, TOO cheap, but I got on anyway. When we arrived, he told me it’s 200 baht (normally it’s about 70 baht for that distance from metered taxi). I told him he told me it was 20, but he tried to say that he told me 200. This went on for a few minutes and then I told him I’m not giving him 200, he said he wants 150, I said no. I took out a 100 and told him a metered taxi usually cost 70 and he can either take it or leave it as I proceeded to walk away without paying. He took the money and left. That’s right asshole, go scam someone else!

Overall, this has been a really good trip. I discovered that I prefer travelling on my own as opposed to with people. I get to do whatever I want and when I want. There’s no schedule, no one to report to and no need to compromise. This will not be my last solo trip. My plan is to take a trip to the Gallapogos in 2013 and perhaps a trip to South Africa in 2015. Europe and all other developed countries can wait. :)

The BEST holidays

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