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One Hot Little Pepper

First off, Happy New Year!

Second, sorry for the lack of posts towards the end of the year, but life got busy and I kinda ran out of time to go try some new places on the list and then write them up.  I have 2 on the back burner right now, so I shall be catching up on one right now.  Then moving forward, I hope to get a lot knocked out with a final goal of finishing off the list by the end of this year.  (Should be possible right? Only 77 more items to go.)

Moving on…

Chile Relleno Taco
This chile relleno is a work of simplicity. The kitchen takes a mildly spicy poblano pepper, stuffs it with creamy cheese and fries it in a thin batter. Then it’s wrapped in a flour tortilla that provides a bit of a tug and seals in the warmth. It’s all super fresh, and that’s what makes the difference.

This little “mildly spicy” poblano pepper was much hotter than I thought it would be, and I can handle spicy foods, so I think I just happened to get a much spicier one than mild.  No complains though, I do love spicy food and it was yummy!  So after I got this, I thought, “Oh! Jalapeno popper taco.”  That’s pretty much what it turned out to be.  Very simple but delicious for those who like eating peppers.

So I read this little challenge online (Reddit) where the idea is to make a dish with the featured item or theme for the week.  Dubbed 52 Weeks of Cooking, this week starts with eggs.  I love eggs!  So I will try to post my recipe and some photos for each dish.  Hopefully this will force me to also keep up with my posts!

El Taco Veloz
5084 Buford Hwy
Doraville, GA 30341

The BEST holidays

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