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Once in a Lifetime

I was born a St. Louis Cardinals’ fan into a redbird fan family. Being a Cardinals’ fan was one of the very few things my brother and I had in common. My favorite color is red. Mine and Robert’s first official date was a St. Louis Cardinals game at the old Busch Stadium (not the original – but #2). Stan Musial played for the original Springfield Cardinals about a block from where I work. My great-nephew’s middle name is Musial. I have a pretty decent collection of Cardinals’ memorabilia.

This year, injuries and adversity made it seem like the Redbirds were going to fade with most of the other boys of summer. That is, until an improbable run led them to clinch the wild card, then defeat the Phillies, and finally crush the Brewers to win the NLCS landing them squarely into the 2011 Fall Classic with home field advantage.


This year, thanks to a very good friend with connections, Robert and I found ourselves in possession of two tickets to Game 2 of the World Series. The World Series! If my brother were still alive, I’m pretty sure this would have been the epitome of sibling jealousy. So on Thursday, we left work early and drove to St. Louis.



I never get tired of seeing the Gateway Arch.


I never get tired of seeing the entrance to Busch Stadium.


I still get chills when the organ starts to play “Here Comes the King” and the Budweiser Clydesdales make their majestic trek around the field.


And I never get tired of watching one of the greatest baseball players of all time.


There’s a sense of magic when you’re in the stadium with thousands of other fans, screaming and waving rally towels.


The only thing that would have made the game perfect would have been a Cardinals win.


But regardless of which team wins the World Series, nothing will change the fact that the St. Louis Cardinals have the best fans – period. And I’m proud to be one of them.


The BEST holidays

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