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On the countdown

So the New Year has begun (Happy New Year to you!), the Christmas tree is packed away and we can allow ourselves to enjoy the countdown to the time we jet back to France.

So I guess we’ll have to ‘get our skates on’ and buy our tickets! Last year we made the mistake of buying them too early because, with changing circumstances, we ended up altering our bookings twice, consequently wasting hundreds of dollars (though we did learn that it’s cheaper to change your dates if you stay with the same flight number – not sure why, but good to know!)

Determined not to make that same mistake again, we haven’t even looked at ticket prices up till now,┬ábut of course there are specials on at the moment so if we are going to take advantage of those we will have to make our decisions pronto.

Ooooh, can’t wait to get back:

The BEST holidays

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