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Yes folks it is undoubtly here the day that I have been awaiting for oh so long is finally here, oh I can scarcely believe it is true and yet the calendar backs it up, it is here.  I feel excited and excited and I can think of no other word to express my emotions other than excited I have the preverbal butterflies, OMG do I have enough clothes? Do I have too much? Have I got everything I need? You know what as long as I have my passport I guess I could survive.

Of course there had to be at least one think go wrong as it turns out its my phone, the battery suddenly is running out over night with no use at all I phoned and good news is it is covered by warranty bad news is I have to wait until I receive proof of purchase from my phone company seeing as they provided the phone ,then I have to take it to an LG place and you can be sure they will take days to work out the battery is stuffed before they give me a new one when they could have just given me a new one in the first place .

So I have checked the canceled flights and my is not on that list, that is a good start to any overseas trip.

I shall now commence the required actions to ready myself, Shower, wash dog pick up and drop of the parental figure in my life , pick up last minute travel needs , get a pair of track pants (to sleep in on the plane ) I think my flannel stripped ones may be a tad bright for the general travelling public , any way take son shopping for his supplies to survive, finish packing , fit in extra things my daughter wants me to bring , passport, train tickets ,oh phone charger for what its worth, shit what else ?

I am as ready as I am going to be so on that I will bid you all a (I was about to bid you all a safe and happy journey but that’s me going so I am not sure that’s appropriate) So be kind to your selves and I will endeavor to blog somewhere along the line and will post at least one pic on the old FB once a day.

See you all soon. Wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The BEST holidays

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