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OK, Hold Up (delayed 2.5 days)

No, booze is not free on international flights… At least not on this airline, and they’ll tell you it’s international policy not to let you bring beer (knowingly) onto the plane $13 American and they charge $15, cuz it’s Iceland. Our bartender at Sammy’s in JFK was awesome though. You should go there before your flight.
The movies are free, but the headphone inputs are questionable.
It’s only a 5-hour flight, and we’re fighting daylight, so it will be morning very soon.
I couldn’t be happier to leave New York, honestly. I didn’t get to do most of the things I wanted to do while I was there. The thing is, there is so much to do, it’s easier to do nothing. I ran into this problem in Milwaukee constantly on a busy weekend.
This is not the first time I’ve thought this, but I would absolutely kill for my neti pot. I know most of you think it’s crazy, but I need to find a new one, stat.
I never told anyone this, but at one point, I called the French embassy in Washington D.C. A woman answered the phone and said “bonjour,” I replied “bonjour!” and suddenly froze. “do you speak English?”
If you’re reading by now, I assume you either know me very well, or don’t know me at all, so I will let you be privy to this information: I am terrified that my personality will not be effectively communicated because of language barriers. In a way, this is very scary, because I depend on my sarcasm and wit to get me through a lot of situations. On the other hand, I plan on taking this opportunity to force myself to learn new languages. I do know French… Enough to get me by, but I would like To be fluent by the time I come back to the states (if that is an option.) I am also interested in learning German… Cuz that’s my native language, Spanish, because I believe my children will need to learn it, and I certainly can’t handle them pulling one over on me. If I’ve gotten that far, I may as well move onto Italian… Did I mention that I’m obsessed with eastern European languages? Did I mention I learned two years ago that I’m a tiny bit Polish and 6 months ago, I wanted to know what Krys is talking about to Chris? Oh, and I used to see this Serbian guy that taught me swear words in Serbian? (he didn’t speak it, that’s all he really knew.) Anyway, I’m lucky enough to be able to catch onto new languages fairly easily, even at my old age. (Thanks, Bozena, for the linguistics knowledge,) but I have a lot of work to do.
I entered this adventure not knowing what the hell I was doing, where I was going, but I have a mission now: to regain my German citizenship, at whatever cost, and to learn, not only any language, but any culture I can along the way.

I think I already miss the internet.
There is a Björk station on this plane! Omfg. I shouldn’t be surprised… Just super-excited! For real… Björk.
So, it’s exactly 1 in the morning, Eastern time, which means it is officially October 13th, we’ll land in about an hour, and I can’t stop giggling. Must be a good sign… Either that, or I’m drunk… Or both..


Midwest kids know how to party. Duh.
Easy-ish boarding
Trip to airport took forever.
Wish I were staying in Reykjavik.
Holy shit!
Never so nervous in my life!
Don’t take alcohol on board international flights
Contact credit card company
Turn off cell phone service. (fuck you, Verizon)
Lots of young people for Iceland airwaves festival.
First passport stamp at 6:04 Iceland time. Oct 13.
Shortly after, spent my first euro and looked like a total tourist when I took this picture:

Nearly burst into tears. Can hardly see, eating skyr and in my first foreign country, completely alone.
I cannot even begin to explain how hard it is to sit here and eat a traditional breakfast and not be able o communicate with a single person.
The best banana I’ve ever had, and the (freshly) soft-boiled egg that reminds me of this video:
I’m sure everyone thinks I’m an absolute savage, really, I just don’t know any better. I don’t apologize for anything back home, nor will I here.
Found myself hungover, in Iceland, and wanted nothing more than to tweet that.
They make you take your shoes of here too.

Finally arrived in Amsterdam. Like, I’m actually here, and not just talking about being here. It’s kind of incredible. (also, didn’t get checked in at customs… At all.)
Upon arrival, I was even more surprised that all the signs were in English, but my hostess let me know that most people spoke english here. Dutch seems to be used more by older generations, or for speaking about things like grocery shopping, asking for directions, ordering a beer, etc.
We went and did the latter on a patio by the river. We spent a ‘lofty’ €3.5 apiece for our beers, which is something like $5. Not bad for waterfront patio drinking. We speed-shopped through the grocery store, buying everything we could possibly need for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow… I now see where her daughter, a good friend of mine in Milwaukee gets it from. I already feel more than welcome and am currently watching the Dutch news with my hostess and her partner. I am determined to learn at least a little Dutch while I’m here, so I’m not totally clueless. I’ve never felt more guilty for only speaking 2 languages. Whatever show we’re watching is making fun of American television.
Dinner was amazing (no surprise there,) we drank white wine, had a pasta with some lekker fish sauce. (I learned a word today!)
Now, I’m fighting off sleep (got maybe an hour total in the last 30 hours or so.) I guess it’s about 1pm there (central standard.) Some lovely lady in LA told me that the secret to adjusting to a new time zone is to just adopt it. It’s about 8pm here and I’m doing much better than I thought I would… Just need to wait til about 10 so I can crash and sleep like a log for about 12 hours.

The BEST holidays

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