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Newcastle Highs

This here is Newcastle. Say hello!Various interesting things that were happening whilst the photo was taking place included the WWF promoting their ‘Tiger Saving’ initiative. Send a text to a number, pay £1 and you’ve saved a tiger.
A man was singing outside of HMV in a high-pitched voice, busking. He had attracted a crowd, but obviously nobody was feeling generous as they watched stony-faced.
A couple stalls were packing their wares up, ready to go home for the day. The stall-keepers chatted amongst themselves, sharing gossip and sales figures.
Behind me, the protests against Capitalism continued to attract interested looks and scornful glances. Tents had been set up around a statue, one man was drinking soup out of a thermos as he spoke to a woman about their cause.
A group of teenagers having just left Burger King were arguing over which shop to go to next. They walked into Peacock, “just for kicks”.

See you in two weeks, I look forwards to it.


The BEST holidays

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