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New York

I’m currently sitting in a train station waiting to headed back to Delaware for some shut eye. Today was a great adventure and amazing overall. Here’s a quick run down of today, December 30th.
First I got a train with the family up to New York via a Amtrak train. Which was great because it was my first time on a train EVER!!
Then we walk and walk and walk some more. All up and down the wildly crazy crowded streets through Time Square. Hitting a few iconic stores as well, Toys R Us and M&m store!
We grabbed some lunch at a nice Celtic pub (forgot the name sorry) which was delicious! One thing I learned on this trip is the art of pushing and or shoving! Here’s a tip elbows out and quick feet. Man! You’ll need it! Crowded as every in the city!

More later! End of the part one of the New York Adventure!!

The BEST holidays

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