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New Year Resolutions

According to surveys, most people do not achieve their new years resolutions, and most give up on them by February. I think it is because these people don’t have shame in their lives.┬áThink about it: why do you act the way you do in public? Part of it is habit, part of it is being conscientious of others, and most of it is the shame you would be heaped with should you not act in a socially acceptable manner.
So I have decided to share my resolutions with the internet so that I can keep that constant level of shame going even if it is from just the few people who know of this blog’s existence. To add to this I will post bi-monthly updates on my progress so you all can share in my failure. Here they are in no particular order.
  1. Get strait A’s (Asian for average)
  2. Read at least one book every two weeks, or more when not in school
  3. Get into a shape that isn’t round (more specifically be able to walk the 1.5 miles home from school without getting winded)
  4. Volunteer for a good cause, or, if I come into some money, volunteer and donate
  5. Travel outside the country
  6. Get my driver’s license (by the way, I am not really young, my parents were just really protective)
  7. Get a job that gives me more than 5 hours a month
  8. Figure out a topic for my Senior Thesis
  9. Spend more time exploring my surroundings, both the social setting and the environmental setting
  10. Begin learning a new language
  11. Handwrite love letters to Boyfriend
  12. Dance more, and take hip hop classes when I can afford them
  13. Call more, text less
  14. Write more
  15. Adopt a pet, or foster
  16. Attend more shows on and off campus
  17. Do more crafts
  18. Stop taking more responsibilities than will allow me at least six hours a night of sleep on average
  19. Find a professor to mentor me
  20. Don’t be a failure. Achieve as many resolutions as possible

The BEST holidays

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