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New year, new diagnosis

So it’s 2012 and I’ve very recently been rediagnosed with bipolar disorder.

But like most relevant facts – big sigh – I’d completely forgotten this.

I concur my mental activity in the build up to NYE was sane, for what fleeting acquaintance I have acquired of that elusive state called sanity.

However yesterday I got an email at around 2pm from the PR of the Orient Express.

The email reminded me that I would be travelling aboard the Northern Belle on the 7th of January, a week today with my lovely friend Blake, a sophisticated Savile Row tailor..

I went through the roof, merely at the thought, utterly overwhelmed with excitement.

I had such a good journey on the British Pullman last year.

I could hardly breathe for the violent euphoria which permeated my whole body and was, with absolute clarity, ready to leap out the window to evade my emotions.

Otherwise, the usual teen-esque living-room dancing turned into abrupt convulsions, of legs leaping from the floor and arms punching the air accompanied by a pair of eyebrows that may have been ready to leave my face.

I started to entertain the idea that I may have actually fallen in love with a train – after all it would be the nearest I can ever come to a love affair with Cary Grant.

The new year brings a surpising way to view Hitchcock’s North by Northwest train innuendo…!

Two hours later I was still possessed by the type of blood-red joy that must be the reserve of the devil himself. A kind of joy that is one in vermilion!

I decided to lie down and mulled over my rapid ascend into a verbally-muted display of raw and exploding feelings, in between my absurdly lusty and highly inappropriate thoughts for the Northern Belle steam engine.

A few deep breathes later, in a fleeting space my mind created amid my own hi-speed steam engine of thoughts, I guess I kinda got the whole new diagnosis.

The BEST holidays

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