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New Year Celebration, Texas Style

Another Christmas and New Years holiday have come and gone.  This year we made the decision to spend the holidays with family in Houston.  The decision to see family was easy, although the plane tickets were expensive.  Also, my brother in law’s house was already full with his parents and sister.  To add a family of 5 seemed a bit much to expect.  However, and perhaps against her better judgement, my sister in law (SIL) said, “C’mon down, everyone else will be here.”  So we went. And let me tell you, it was a blast.

Our first night involved many adult beverages and laughter with my two SILs, documented on Facebook for the entertainment of many.  The second night was New Years Eve and friends of my inlaws were nice enough to welcome our family into their home during their NYE party.  The crowd was fun and welcoming.  I was especially thankful for the teenagers that took the younger kids for ping pong and games while the grown-ups got to know each other. I would like to think that we made a few new friends for our next visit.

We hit the space center, which is a must see for any trip to Houston.  My husband and I were awestruck and nostalgic of the space shuttles and space program in general, while the kids asked how they can become astronauts.  The Downtown Aquarium proved to be quite of bit of fun as well.  The kids learned about sharks, pet some rays and we enjoyed the rides on this sunny, warm day.

As we prepared to return home, I got a little nervous.  This was our first vacation after our move.  Would the kids be excited to head back to their new home?  Or would they ask if we could return to Wisconsin?  My husband asked if they were excited to go home.  All replied that they were having a blast with their cousins and family, but were ready to go home to their friends.  After taking a deep breath, I asked who and what they were looking forward to when we got home.  To my relief, they all talked of skiing, hockey, Calgarian friends and our new home.

Here’s to an eventful 2011.  I am looking forward to what 2012 brings us.  My best to all of you in this New Year.

The BEST holidays

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