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nationals. day 5.

Lost 3-2 to Hawaii. Erica and I lost. Forgot the score.

Hawaii was the nicest team.

Same positives and negatives as yesterday. I served well. Got a little temperamental in the first set. I feel bad about that. I wasn’t a jackass or anything, but I did drop kick my racquet, which I know makes me sound like a jackass.

OK, I was a jackass. Just for a second. And then I apologized to my partner, opponents, and the crowd.

Afterward just tried to hang in the shade, what little there was. Ate a bag lunch they were selling–1/2 sandwich, chips and cookie.

Again, I was emotional after the match.

This afternoon, Florida beat us up and took our lunch money. As a team, and Erica and me. Don’t remember our score, but we lost the overall match, 5-0.

And that’s all, folks.

A cockroach or something flew into me (someone said it was a cockroach but I didn’t know they flew) during a changeover and it scared me. There are interesting bugs, plants, and etc. here.

Afterward, we were planning to do our big team dinner, but Denise rolled her ankle during the match. I understand an ankle injury and it’s no fun. We were all waiting for her to finish with the trainer, and then she didn’t want to go to dinner.

I got pissed. Not that I don’t sympathize about the ankle. Really. But how many things does she get to ruin? Why is everything done according to her wishes? If she didn’t go, we were going to cancel the dinner, apparently.

I really was disproportionately angry. I said I was going to this Mexican place even if I had to take a cab and go alone. Then people started saying they would go with me, and then eventually Denise decided she could go too. So we had our one true team event.

The food was great, but expensive. I left there so stuffed.

Tomorrow we will watch some of the action and head home. Denise is in my flight with about five other teammates.

Still not feeling great–really full.

Glad not to be playing tomorrow. I’m tennised out.

The BEST holidays

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