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Last week Robert and I went to Naples for a little vacation.  The good part of the trip?  We got to see my family.  The bad part of the trip?  It rained every single day we were there.  So much for the beach!

On the plane bright and early ready to blast off at 7am!

We had a layover in Orlando and Maxwell took full advantage of the open spaces in the airport.  I think we can officially say that Maxwell is a walker.  Check out the video here.  He cracks me up.

While it might not have been blue skies and sunshine in Florida, we still had fun watching Maxwell, Delaney and Nate play…those 3 are a hoot together!

I love this first picture.  Delaney is dragging GJ away by the finger (“C’mon J!”), Maxwell is stealing a toy from Nate, and poor baby Nate is just completely unsure as to what all is going on…

Robert got in on all the baby-playing fun…

and let’s all hope this is the last time we see Maxwell behind bars!

Cute Nater-Tater…

The kids had fun playing with several of mine and Keath’s (me and Keath’s?) old toys, like this Fisher Price Barn…

and old rocking horse.

Maxwell then decided that playtime was over and it was time for a workout…

But then realized that working out is over-rated…

and eating is way more fun!

The next morning Delaney modeled her awesome Alice in Wonderland halloween costume that GJ made!  Is she not the cutest little Alice you’ve ever seen?!

Meanwhile, Maxwell found time to fit in another workout.  He started with the dumbbells…

and then went for a spin on the bike…

(poppin a wheelie too!)

and then finished it up with a little stairmaster action…

He even inspired Nate to get a little exercise (in full protective gear of course!)  🙂

I have to note here that Maxwell truly became a “stair master” on this trip.  We have another big staircase going up to the second floor and he probably went up it 5 times in a row. There is no stopping him!

After the strenuous workout, Maxwell took a breather to stop and admire a cute baby…wonder who that could be?!

Later that afternoon GJ, Robert, Maxwell and I made a trip to Toys R Us to get a special treat.  A red, sporty special little treat…tune in tomorrow to see!

The BEST holidays

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