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My New Jersey Vacation (In Verse)

The man is speaking in verse! ~Murdock, about B.A., “The A-Team”

Yes, it was this surreal
For this edition of Prawn and Quartered
I’ll be speaking frankly, with no borders
October, it is nearly at and end
Though I traveled far and met a friend
It all began on a Friday, warm,
Convinced that there would be no harm,
For surely there could be no snow
When I could see to Chicago
But I’d forgotten just how weird
New Jersey was, or just how feared
The people were, that peculiar breed
Who drive like loons and throw out screeds
It mattered not, though I was nervous
Meeting an old friend, it certainly sure was
A treat to see her, live and in person
Not knowing I would soon be versin’
The food! The roads! All of them strange
Their customs just out of the range
Of normalcy, or what I’d seen
For fifteen years I hadn’t been
The  memories danced just out of sight
Seeing old places, my heart was light
And my pal? Well, she said not much
There were no plans, we were not rushed
The stars that we’d both come to see
Not at the con; it wasn’t to be.
In six months’ time we’ll try again
To meet up with those elusive men
No matter, there were sights aplenty
Not just one, but surely twenty
Fields, autumn leaves, and more
No way I could ever be bored
Then came the snow, a real right blizzard!
Sent as from a winter wizard
Flakes the size of quarters and dimes
Piling up as if in wintertime
No driving could be in the plans
(You would surely understand)
Chinese food, pizza and writing instead
Not to mention, clearing our heads 
Twenty-four hours of quiet bliss!
Who card that I was A-Team-less?
I’d not have traded this for any
Pop culture expo miscellany
Some things, it’s true, will never change
Though it’s often weird and strange
Good friends are few and far between
Like full-size chocolates for Halloween
All of our plans, they came together
The real question just remains whether
In half a year I’ll be so brave
Or find enough hard cash to save
But reader, I’ve many lessons learned
A friendship solid, more than earned
The main one of these, snow and ice in October?
Home I head…kind of glad it’s now over.

We go together like…cabbages and cannons?

A very special shout out from the author to A.J. I’m honored to have a friend like you. It was a blast.
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The BEST holidays

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