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My Magical 2011

2011 was lovely, it really was. Not just lovely, it was crazy, wonderful, educational, fun and all the positive adjectives that could describe it fits well here. It is indeed hard to believe that the time has come for us to say goodbye to the year 2011 and welcome 2012 in a few days’ time.

1. I had the best time of my life with Four Seasons Resorts Seychelles and Seychelles, no matter was it for internship or for holiday with the family. Seychelles Memories

2. A short trip to”>Hong Kong to get the family together once again was much appreciated.

3. Going around hunting for cafes or restaurants to dine at! Hatched, Strictly Pancakes, Food for Thought, 2D1N Soju Bang, Riders’ Cafe, The Knolls, Prego, Rochor Beancurd, Sing Ho Chicken Rice, Muthu’s Curry, Oomphatico’s, Old School Delights, Salted Caramel, Roti Prata House, Bedok 85 etc. Foodiefreak

4. Participating in Spotlight Singapore in Cape Town was an eye-opener! Stepping into the Africa region was new to me for certain!

5. Being part of Project Yume in Japan, Iwate and Fukushima prefecture was one magical trip. The fact that I left home to spend that precious one week in Japan to do what I’ve never expected myself to do, I did it. Getting to know a lovely bunch of friends in Japan, running all around the touristy attractions, rushing for trains, carrying the heavy luggage up stairs, lugging the camera everywhere I go and most importantly, eating the best meals of my life, meeting the most adorable kids and witnessing them drawing to change the world =)

6. Learning a language was never this fun, until I went to French Toast to pick up French!

7. Discovering the restaurant of my life: Red Pig Korean BBQ… Don’t mind having myself soaked in the fragrance of samgyupsal because my love for it never dies (at least till today and now that I am still penning this).

8. Graduating from Temasek Polytechnic with the Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management, and even though being the almost valedictorian already meant a lot to me. Sharing my future plans with my course manager and lecturers, at the same time hearing their points of view and advices…

9. Submitting my application for EHL, going all the way to Switzerland for selection day, family and friends who gave me so much support, and finally seeing myself in Lausanne since September as an official student of Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, also the first graduate of Temasek Polytechnic HTM to have applied there. It was one huge step nearer to dream :-)

10. The early arrival of En certainly added overflowing joy to the L family just right before I left for my studies in Switzerland

11. So fortunate to have met a wonderful group in school: members who enjoy working with one another so much, so cooperative, so thoughtful. May we continue to work well in the brand new year!

12. A memorable 20th birthday spent in Lausanne and Zermatt, Switzerland the winter wonderland! Surprise Surprise, Shinn you’re 20 years old / Birthday Trip to Winter Wonderland

This year 2011 has been magical. Thank you for friends who let me into their lives and thank you friends for coming into my life. Family and friends who shared their most magical moments with me, thank you. Family and friends who shared their most disappointing moments with me, thank you as well. I love growing up year by year, it feels like I build more blocks of education, maturity, fun, excitement, happiness, experiences, thoughts, inspiration and etc into this life of mine and that it gets even more precious day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.

Cheers to the arrival of 2012!

The BEST holidays

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