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My Fabolous Central European Summer.. or was it? (dramatic music)

Hola chicas and…(i don´t know the male version, shiz should have brushed up on my fake Spanish). I am quite alright, cranking out some posts while waiting for a Rab C Nesbitt to start (I have to watch it for my TV sitcom class, oh the horror hehe).

This post will mostly concern my spring and summer right until leaving, travels, bucket list and more.

First of all, yes! I had a lovely summer, I am just trying to stir wordpress controversy. It all started with me celebrating my birthday in the Hilton hotel roof bar in May which ended up being a fun night with nice cocktails ;)  Although to be honest it was not the same since a lot of people who I would have loved to be there could not be there. Oh well, there is always next year. Further on, this semester it was also kind of… much easier to say goodbye to the friends I made who only stayed for one term and who went home over the course of the summer months. I guess practice makes perfect, as weird as that seems.

Anyway, I still blame the beautiful sunny and hot weather for my increase in energy during that time since I felt so much more like doing something and seeing places. To help me achieve this I wrote a Czech Republic and particularly Prague based bucket list. I think it started off with 40 things mostly from my guide book or the lonely planet website as well as friends suggestions. Although I must admit  in quite a few instances, everytime I got one thing done on the list I remembered two more that I wanted to do. In the end though I got them all done and you can see a selection of them in photo form on my flickr account.

Here are some highlights:

  • I rode/walked through all 54 metrostops in Prague and now I can honestly say that I know every corner of that city even better than my hometown
  • Visited a bunch of obscure yet wonderful local museums, including aircraft museum haha
  • Traveled to Karlovy Vary, Karlstejn, Terezin, Kutna Hora, Cesky Krumlov and Dresden
  • Rode the longest escalator in Europe
  • Open air Swan Lake show with a water and light show (highly recommended!)
  • Climbed Prague´s own Eiffel tower
  • Saw the sunrise on Charles Bridge and much much more

A bit more about Kutna Hora, Krumlov and Dresden since I assume I did write about the others in my previous posts and I am too lazy to go back and check.

I went to Kutna Hora the very next morning after all my essays were handed in! It was a lovely sunny day and I enjoyed it a great deal even though I had pulled my neck muscle and was in a bit of pain. I highly recommend seeing the centre, the silver mine (you can go underground into tiny caves and experience complete darkness), there is also the Barborska cathedral and most importantly, the bone church which features decorations made of the bones of about 50000 people! I would totally add this as one of the things you should see before you die and the locals were lovely.

I went to Krumlov 8 days before I left Prague, typical me leaving everything to the last moment. It takes about 3 hours by bus one way and that is the quickest way to get there, no need to say but my butt was complaining a lot. I suggest buying tickets early in summer months. Cesky Krumlov is famous for its castle and the bears lounging in the yard, it is a lovely place indeed but not in summer, too many tourists and long lines.

I went to Dresden on a wednesday and just to put it into context I left Prague on that same friday at 6am! :D Dresden is a beautiful German town only about 2 hours 10 mins by bus from Prague. I took the 8.30am bus there and because it did not make any sense to get a hostel for the night, I took the bus back at 2.45 am the same night!! I was warned by loads of people that Dresden was bombed during the war and there would not be anything to see anymore but boy were they wrong. I won´t list all of the things I visited since I am no travel website but the highlights were the Semperoper (thanks to childhood memories of German beer commercials), Hygiene Museum and the new town area which is great for bars and has loads of young people. I was also fortunate enough to catch one of the midnight outdoor movie showings at the river with the whole old town in the background. Plus the movie Paul was also rather funny, call me Simon Pegg (don´t judge me, I am a Trekkie). This trip although short, might qualify as something I will never forget.

Alrighty, so I got back to Prague at 5.20 am and since I was in the city anyway I decided to go to the famous Charles bridge and see the sunrise. My photography teacher always raved about the beautiful light there and hell, I hate getting up early so carpe diem baby. I got there all pumped from my lack of sleep and see loads of security in front of the bridge which seemed already very odd since it is the MAIN tourist attraction in Prague. After working hard to find a security lady who spoke some English I was told that the bridge was closed for another 3 hours since Victoria´s Secret was shooting their winter commercial there… I do not know if whoever reads this understands the sheer weirdness of that situation but first of all, I had never seen the bridge closed off and secondly, this was my last morning in Prague, for the first time in over 11 months I was actually awake and there and they close it off?! Not funny, God! Anyway, after plenty of waiting and begging in multiple languages, they finally allowed me to quickly cross under the condition that I will not bother any Angels or take pictures of them (eyeroll). I ended up passing right by Candice Swanepoel and her chain smoking Czech stand in, both wearing the wings and very little else and it was a chilly morning, i´ll give them that. I ended up getting a few pics of the scenery in the pretty light but kept my promise and did not grope any models.

I think one could say those were the highlights of my summer, basically I spent loads of time reading in different parks, meeting couchsurfers, going to Prague´s own Peach Pit and getting plenty of sun :) I am sure there were other wonderful things a few traumatic things that I cannot think of right now but I would probably not be able to express them vividly enough in writing anyway. But it is fair to say that I had a good summer and I will leave this post at the 18th of August, 2011. Just to set the scene for the next post: right now I am 2 nights sleep deprived, have blisters on my feet from walking like mad, still have not finished packing and am rather nervous about the future. Let the excitement continue… :D

Fierce and love (TV reference),


The BEST holidays

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