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My childhood province

Camarines Norte [Calalanay Island, Bulalacao, Carol Island, Larap….]

During summer, my dad would take all ten of us to Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.  Calalanay Island was the one we always visited. Sometimes, Carol Island but only if the owners were not there. I just remembered my dad almost bought Carol island.[Uggggggggg] As for Bulalacao, I only visited that place once but only for a few hours..Brings back memories of my fun-filled childhood days.

Back in the days, our family business of movie houses was located in Camarines Norte specifically in Panganiban, Larap & Santa Elena. But as soon as my dad passed away and the movie houses closed down, we stopped going to Cam Norte.

The south rode…passing through Mt Banahaw..the zigzag mountain…memories memories

The BEST holidays

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