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My Bucket List

It seems like everyone is jumping on the Bucket List trend. There are definitely things I want to do, places to go, things to accomplish! So why not create a bucket list and see what I can cross off in the next couple years!

  1. France. I want to go to France soo bad! I’ve always loved the language and after taking 2 French language classes in college I fell in love with the country!
  2. Run/own a Coffee Shop. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a chain or my very own shop. I love coffee and I love telling people what to do! Perfect combo!
  3. Be a stay-at-home Mom (at least while the kids aren’t in school)
  4. Have a completely organized home….yeah ;)
  5. Run a 5k (then we’ll move on to bigger runs!)

It’s a small list but I can add to it as time goes on, right?

The BEST holidays

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