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My Book Is Now Available To Buy!

Great news! My new book is now available to buy here. It is also available on Amazon and to download for kindle devices, and all just in time for Christmas!

Australia. A vast land of scorched red earth, wild and virtually undisturbed by man for millions of years. Home of the Aborigines, thought to be the closest living culture to that which sprung up at the birth of mankind. Many early explorers made their fortunes here, many more died trying. This book is the story of how two people with nothing more than a van and a big leather hat made their way around this unique continent, the fascinating, interesting and bizarre people they met and the adventures they had along the way. Witty and informative throughout, Daniel Brace takes the reader on a trip from London to Perth via Hong Kong and Singapore and then on a meandering journey through Australia to Sydney over the course of a year. Find out about the dark history behind the sleepy town of Geraldton, what prehistoric life forms still thrive in the clear waters of Hamelin Pool and why kangaroos never fart.

The BEST holidays

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