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morning dew on the window & the monkees on my mind…

what can i say? i’m laying here in bed at my besties’ place and all i’m thinking about is the flight back out west.

i’m heartbroken that i can’t have it all the way i want it- i so wish that the friends who have been here for me the last few months could come along with me on this particular, of all, adventures. it feels like i felt just over a year ago when bc bestie and i had completed the grouse grind- a 2.8 km or so jaunt more or less straight up grouse mountain.

i feel exhausted from the effort of the climb, in this case the ordeal it was to decide to go and to begin putting together all the pieces of affording this adventure and getting ready. and now in addition i feel like i’m dangling over the trees below in that trembling cable car- just hovering and slowly inching forward as everything hinges, merely suspended by a series of threads above the plunging mountain and the valley at it’s feet.

a bit dramatic, i know, but there you have it. that’s where i’m at this morning as the daylight peaks in through the spare room window in a home i’ll miss desperately when i’m gone.

on that note…

to my wonderful, amazing friend- because i know you’ll read this later and you should know exactly what you mean to me… you have been a light in my life. you have held me up through the hardest times i’ve ever experienced and you have stood strong beside me especially when i was so weak myself. you are so like a sister to me in the bonds we’ve built and i have come to love you so much.

we are so much more than friends- you have the nerve to tell me the truth even when (or more likely especially when) we disagree. you’ve got my back like no one ever has before and you’ve stood up for me not only in front of me but, so much more importantly, when i haven’t been there to defend myself.

you have helped me survive days and nights that would have extended on for what would have felt like forever and through every tear you saw me cry you made me laugh. you’ve held it all together for me when i was otherwise falling apart.

though i know it sounds casual when I say i love you i hope you know it’s genuine- that it comes from the deepest part of my heart. i do love you, and that incredible man of yours who has stood beside me also and welcomed me into your home. the two of you have become my closest friends here and i am the luckiest girl in the world to have had you through this past year, and through the years which preceded it. thank you for taking me often into your home and for keeping me always in your heart. you will always have a very grateful friend in me and i will always keep you safely locked away in my heart as well.

i love you. endless thanks for everything and more, -mk.

The BEST holidays

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