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By Greg Melvin & Paolo Ambu

View of Porto Cervo from our suite at the Cervo Hotel


From Venice we flew into Cagliari, Paolo’s hometown in Sardinia. This is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world! And, it smells good, too! The air reeked of fresh herbs! An occasional pink flamingo flew past. We saw more flamingos here than in Florida! In between catching up with family, we toured Cagliari. Known as the fortified city, most of the ancient buildings are strengthened with bastions. We were amazed by the intricate architecture of the Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta, built in the Pisane-Romanesque style in 1258. Spectacular!

We rented a red Fiat Cinquecento (500) and headed north on the Costa Smeralda to Porto Cervo, a billionaire’s playground created by Prince Aga Khan in the ’60s. Midway we stopped to see the¬†Bronze Age village at Barumini, an archaeological site of cone-like stone structures called nuraghe.¬†No wonder Blood Concept perfume’s primal roots are in Sardinia. Conceived by Antonio Zuddas, a Sardinian [and Giovanni Castelli] the island exudes the pure essence of man. We hiked slowly through the walled city, squeezing in between precarious boulders thousands of years old. If these walls could talk….!

Bronze Age nuraghic village in Barumini

By the time we checked in to the Cervo Hotel at Porto Cervo, it was as if we had just zipped through light years of history, as if our red Fiat were a time machine hurtling us from the era of cavemen to a luxe spa in the most decadent place on earth. Ciao, belle monde! This is the perfect location for a James Bond film — the only place in the world where you can dock your uberyacht and shop Versace just two shakes from the beach. We took a dip in the emerald sea in our Orlebar Brown swim-to-shore shorts. Divino!


What can we say about Rome? The weather was gorgeous all week, so we did the same thing every day. After breakfast, we spent our mornings getting cultured — we visited the Pantheon, gazed at the Botticelli, walked up and down the Spanish Steps. After lunch, we’d shop. Greg bought a Missoni sweater at the Missoni shoppe [not Target]; Paolo bought a pair of black Gucci loafers to replace last year’s tattered staple. Etcetera. We’d drop our bags off at the hotel, freshen up a bit (Malin +Goetz kit), then aim for Leon’s Place downstairs for cocktails concocted by Matteo the Alchemist. Life is good. La dolce vita!

A few things we couldn’t help but notice — everyone, and we mean everyone in Rome is wearing Raybans and Persols. It’s as if the entire city was channeling Steve McQueen. Or, Marcello Mastroianni.

Get the look at Babalu

We also noticed a new trend in man style — the emergence of the Chicken Bear. What is this curious creature, you ask? What could it be? Well, in a nutshell — skinny young men with beards, everywhere!

Go figure. You heard it here first.

Arrivederci, Roma!

Ciao for now!

Baci baci

The BEST holidays

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