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Mesa-top Echo

Standing on the red mesa
she rips out a single call
& peers with keen triumph,
as her hair whips, she stands tall…

The echos harmonize with her heart’s beat.
she holds her chin high & strong.
Adrenaline pounds through her veins
and she knows it won’t be too long…

She’s stronger than they ever imagined
they have no idea what awaits…
A nest of bald eagles cock their heads
the only ones aware of their fates…

it’s not enough, what they gave her.
so, she went to the desert to find more.
here, she found inspiration in the nature
here, she found what she was looking for.

with fierce resolve she rides away,
hoofs digging rainbows in the dry dust,
Oh world, you better brace yourself,
As she races to do what she must…

The BEST holidays

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