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Meet Ms. D

Today, I am extremely grateful for my new friend, Danielle.

I’ve only known her for three days but it sure feels like I’ve known her for three decades.

I have so many things to say and write about this young, beautiful, South African hipster but I will hold off for now for reasons only known to me.

Let’s just say the stories we have already shared involve a flight, chocolate covered almonds, an airport snafu, a Frenchman who needed our help, a baked doctor, a smashed camera, a kind Italian man who could speak French, an ambulance, her awesome project, the stories we create in our heads, a fantastic meal, an enlightening conversation, Oprah and surrendering.

The past three days have been eventful, that’s for sure, and this week would not have ended as phenomenally if I had not met her.

meet my soul sis, Ms. D Lauren, one of my favorite people on the planet

In the meantime, the one important thing you must know about her is that she is the CEO and creative director of the 11 eleven project; a project committed to making the world a better place.    Please take some time to check it out and register.

Thanks for making us meet, G.

We were exactly where we needed to be and it makes complete sense to me why you made it happen.

Thank you.

grateful slice:  connections that change our lives forever

The BEST holidays

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