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Meet Huuh and Rarr

Next month (which is a whole two days away), I will attempt to learn enough about Anime Studio Debut 8 to make a cartoon to post on this blog by the end of January. My cartoon will be of the awesome superhero variety. Or, at least of the superhero variety. Meet my main characters: Huuh and Rarr.

Huuh (pronounced like the sound a body builder might make while lifting something very, very heavy) and Rarr (pronounced exactly like it looks), are superheroes based on my sister, Kelsey, and me, respectively. Kelsey picked Huuh’s powers pretty much immediately. Super strength, because the character is named Huuh, so it should lift heavy things. Mind reading, probably because she’s a psych major, and invisibility just because she likes that power.

As for Rarr, the only power I was really insistent on was mind CONTROL because, well, I probably actually make a better super villain than hero.

Other powers we threw around were flight, super speed, time manipulation and healing. Want to help me decide which two I should use? I made a fancy schmancy poll just in case you do.

The BEST holidays

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