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Maps and Chipper – The Great(ish) Escape, Part 8

Victoria looked harmless enough to the tired but excited Arnold. He set the required course by the Compass, strung the wheel to the deck and wandered casually over the Victoria.

“Now you are a pretty one!”, exclaimed Arnold, attempting to disarm the helpless Victoria.

“Please, Stand up and stretch your legs”, he advised her.

Victoria stood slowly, all of the time keeping her eyes firmly fixed on her captor. Arnold only turned for a meer second, but it was enough.

Victoria stepped forward and deliberately and with all the force she could muster, pushed Arnold overboard. Arnold’s nose and mouth filled with the salty water, his clothes became heavy, but he was a strong individual and he soon found that he could make some headway swimming to the shore.

Chipper set course for the sea. The aeroplane made it’s made noisily and slowly in the desired direction. Maps in the back, scoured the sea for anything resembling a fishing boat. Charles used the horse and carriage to make his way as speedily to the coast.

Arriving at the quaiside, Charles was met by a dripping wet and very angry Uncle.

“Where is Victoria?”, enquired Charles.

“I am bloody soaking!”, answered Uncle.

After a short period of swearing and cursing in which time Charles acquired a greatly knowledge of colloquial English than 15 years in the Ministry had given him, it dawned on Uncle that Victoria was not around!

“Victoria? where the hell has she gone now?”, asked Uncle.

It dawned on the two of them that perhaps Victoria had actually been taken to sea once more.

“Don’t worry”, Charles said. “There is an aeroplane in the air looking for them as we speak”.

“Bloody aeroplane!”, belittled Uncle. “What the hell is one of those contraptions going to do”.

Maps looked far to Sea and spotted a boat. Chipper dived the aeroplane with the skill of a veteran. The aeroplane was soon circling the boat. Down below a semi-naked Bardufloss heard the noise and rushed back up on deck.

“Gosh”, exclaimed Victoria when she saw the naked torso of the German Aviator.

Maps had to think fast. He turned in his seat and found a large rope in the rear fuselage. He tied one end of the rope to his seat and passed the other end around his midriff. Stepping from his seat he climbed onto the lower wing. With a scream Maps leapt from the aeroplane, he had little time to think as he descended. Maps hit the water with a splash. His mouth and nose filled with salty water, his clothes immediately became very heavy.

Chipper had felt the aeroplane go light on the tail, and had seen Maps’ descent into the sea. Pulling back with all of his might Chipper forced the aeroplane into a climb that pulled Maps from the water and into the air. Maps was swinging wildly on the rope that was still attached to the aeroplane. It was however with an enormous amount of luck, and very little judgement that he swung over the deck of the boat and hit Bardufloss. Bardufloss had little time to react as he was cast overboard. Bardufloss’s mouth and nose filled with salty water and once more his clothes became heavy.

Victoria was now alone on the boat, she rushed to the wheel house and unstrapped the wheel. Screaming at Maps to show her the way home, a message that Maps relayed to Chipper, the aeroplane and the boat set a course for home.

Charles and Uncle were still running around like headless chickens, when the sight of an aeroplane with a man on a rope beneath it appeared on the horizon. Presently a small fishing boat also appeared. Certain that Victoria could steer the boat to the shore, Chipper headed inland to find somewhere to land.

Chipper selected a field and looked over the side at Maps. He signalled the position of a large haystack in the corner of the field. Maps nodded to Chipper indicated that the message had been received and understood.

As the aeroplane approached Maps braced himself and let the rope go, he fell a short distance before he hit the haystack with an impact that winded him, but left him fortunately no more injured than that.

Chipper landed the aeroplane with his usual aplomb, shut down and ran to assist his friend.

When suitable recovered from the winding, the two aviators walked to the entrance to the field. There they were met by Charles, Uncle and a relieved Victoria in the horse-drawn carriage. Victoria and Uncle stepped down from the carriage. Victoria embraced her two friends with a show of affection that made Uncle blush.

Charles bid them farewell, claiming an important engagement of an Intelligence nature. The carriage sped away and had soon disappeared into the distance. Uncle, Victoria, Maps and Chipper began a long walk back to the fishing village. Three with a spring in their step, Maps however was still dripping wet, and now feeling the uncomfortable prickling of the haystack on his skin.

On a shore a few miles down the coast, Arnold hauled himself from the surf and melted away into the countryside. A further few miles down the coast, Bardufloss hauled himself from the surf and as casually as he could as directions for the nearest fishing port.

The BEST holidays

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