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Makeup tips for women over 40 (Rousse)

Belle and I happened to be staying at the same conference hotel. I was so excited to see her, keen to take advantage of a rare opportunity to snatch five minutes together alone. I congratulated Belle on her recent Dreamaticus entries. In return she gave a quick update on some news that she had relayed to me at our last conference get-together.

Then came the tricky bit. What qualified me to comment on Belle’s ridiculous day-time eye makeup? I was hardly a beauty expert myself. However anyone should know that the “show girl” look of multiple layers of navy blue glitter eye shadow stretching from lid to brow, combined with two inch long false eyelashes, is not a good look anywhere. Unless she was planning to take the stage, it was high time that Belle scrubbed her face clean of this hideously fake mask of gunk.

The BEST holidays

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