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looking back: 2011.

I’ve been contemplating this post for days. More so, I’ve been contemplating how I want to go about it. 2011 was definitely a memorable year. It was a year where I found myself smiling at many situations yet crying more than I think I have in the last five years combined. It was definitely the most emotional year I can think of and this is considering my high school graduation, although I didn’t cry that evening. This year I made many small changes in my life. I worked harder to stand up straighter and eat healthier. I’m proud of all of the things I’ve accomplished this year and can’t wait to keep pushing forward in 2012.

Although it is somewhat difficult to recall every last detail, today I am reflecting upon this past year and some of the moments that I remember standing out. This, 0f course, starts with January 2011. I started off 2011 celebrating at Universal Studios in Florida with the Million Dollar Band. It was a really fun night and I was glad to have shared that experience with a great group of friends. In January, I got to see the Capital One bowl and watch Alabama claim another bowl game victory.

February 2011 was a particularly busy month. I remember that Joseph Alessi came and resided at UA for a weekend as part of the Alabama Honor Band festivities.

In March 2011, tragedies began to really unfold. On March 11th, Japan was hit with a earthquake and tsunami that left their country in great woe, to say the least. Again, I just remember this month being very busy and stressful with Theory 2 and other classwork. It was also the midpoint of the semester and midterms are always a memorable experience.

April 2011 was a month I will never forget. Or well, at least the end of it. I remember being excited about studying abroad and all of the positive things going on in my life. I was still excited, but on April 27th, a devastating tornado hit the city of Tuscaloosa (as well as other cities) and destroyed so many lives and buildings. I know I’ve blogged about this many times at this point so I will just leave it at that.

May 2011, for me, was about recuperating and mentally preparing myself for a month abroad. I remember that this month seemed to drag on and on in anticipation for the one to follow. At the end of this month, I boarded a plane and went to Florence, Italy to study abroad.

Almost the entirety of my June 2011 was spent in Italy studying abroad and completing my Italian minor. I learned a lot in this country and enjoyed every moment. I was fortunate to get to see the sights I saw, food I tasted, and people I met. I can’t wait to go abroad again this next summer (this time to Spain).

In July 2011, I turned 20 and finished my childhood by watching the final Harry Potter movie in theaters with my friends. This month was filled with a lot of personal and mental growth and ended with a trip to Mississippi, NOLA, and a week long Alessi Seminar in Tuscaloosa.

I began my fifth semester at UA in August 2011 and was immediately back to being a busy student once more. I don’t really remember anything especially significant about this month besides the normal heat and long days of band camp and the first days of classes.

In September 2011, I celebrated being with someone for a year on perhaps the rainiest labor day I’ve ever experienced. I’ll never forget how many times I got soaked that day with friends from back home who had come to visit for the weekend in Tuscaloosa.

October 2011 was when Steve Jobs passed away. Besides this, I remember a very eventful Halloween filled with Harry Potter references and lots of hairspray.

In November 2011, I experienced some very memorable football games with the band and prepared for finals. I also had a very successful Black Friday adventure although it was very tiring.

Filled with it’s many holiday joys and, at the same time, end of semester woes, December 2011, has been a month of mental planning for the future, seeing many friends and also celebrating the retirement of one of my greatest role models.

I know my reflections weren’t very detailed, but I think my point is, it’s been a very eventful year. The middle of the year was nearly back to back with events that I’m sure kept the media busy. Within a week, there was a devastating set of storms, a royal wedding, more storms, and the capturing of perhaps the no. 1 most hunted man in a long time. I know there were many other things, but I can only remember so much at this time.

As I look forward at 2012, I’ve decided that I want this year to be a year based on survival in the sense of getting ready for my academic future ahead. My goal is to do very well on the GRE and other graduate school entrance things and get through all of the applications without too much trouble. Bring it, 2012, I’m ready!

The BEST holidays

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