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London travel iPhone apps

So here is a list of essential iPhone apps you need when travelling in London.

iPhone London travel apps

Before you start your journey check the tube status for line and station closures and the state of the service, particularly handy during the weekends when there’s lots of planned engineering work.

Plan your route with TubeMap, it also tells you departure times, has ‘find station’ and a ‘shortest route calculator’ functionality.

Tube Exits

Tube Exits is pure genius. It tells you what tube carriage you have to get on so you walk the shortest distance underground when changing lines or finding the exit. The developer of this app travelled the whole London Undergound the find the shortest route in all the stations.

Travel Deluxe app

Travel Deluxe helps you plan your journey through London on any public transport available. (Yes Boris bikes too).

With the London Cycle app you can find the closet docking station near you of the Barclay Cycle Hire scheme. It also tells you how many bikes and empty spaces are available per station. Comes with a timer so you can keep an eye on the costs.(<30mins is free + days access).

Bus Checker app

And last but not least: London Bus Checker. It helps you locate the bus stop you’re at and tells you how long it takes for the bus to arrive. Comes with map and bus routes.

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