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Lititz, Pennsylvania

Lititz is a charming small town that I enjoyed visiting when we lived in Central Pennsylvania, so I thought it would be fun to actually stay there for a few days. It was a good choice indeed as there are many, many lovely buildings to admire and fun things to do as well.

Pennsylvania was founded by the Quakers who came to the US to escape persecution in England. They in turn welcomed other religions who wanted to escape to The New World. Thus, Lititz was founded in the mid 1700′s by the Moravians who came from what is now the Czech Republic. For about the first century, only Moravians could own homes in the town! This log cabin must be one of the most photographed homes there – isn’t it wonderful?

I thought the beautiful grey stone houses were perhaps limestone, but a lady who stopped to chat with me said they are grey fieldstone. It’s such a lovely shade.

The Moravians founded a school for girls soon after they settled in the area! What forward thinkers they were to want the girls to be well educated. The buildings on the campus are a mellow stucco, but this ornate church is quite the show stopper! I don’t know if it is a local church or belongs to the girls’ school, which is called Linden Hall.

Lovely details…..

And just one more…..

Lititz is home to Wilbur Buds. I had never heard of them until I visited many years ago. When I started to tell my mother about them she said she had grown up eating them! I grew up eating Kisses.

The factory is still above and in back of the store, where they sell a bewildering number of treats. You can watch ladies putting chocolate in molds and dipping various things in chocolate. They have a wonderful collection of chocolate related items.

I wonder if they ever make the big Santa in chocolate? He would be something to see.

And now I am off to the rug hooking show!

The BEST holidays

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