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Later, 2011

You’ve been a decent year. Not a stellar year, but not bad at all. I’m finishing you up as I began, in my hideaway hole in the Gulf Coast. I escape here the day after Christmas, kids in tow, searching for some time to recoup from the holiday and some warmer weather.

I didn’t quite do everything I would have like to have done, but that’s okay, I  prefer to stay flexible.  I would have liked to made to Amsterdam to see my friend Brian, but that’s life…

A quick recap:

Gulf Coast 3 times- crawdads, oysters and gumbo

New Orleans twice ( and all the good eating that goes with!)

Saw the last Shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral

Went snorkeling with manatees

Two cavern dives

One fossil dive in the gator infested Cooper River- three megadalon sharks teeth found

3 other miscellaneous dives

Hiked to dozen or more waterfalls

Logged about 150 miles hiking with the kids

Several thousand backroad miles on the motorcycle

Whitewater rafting the Ocoee River

So not a huge travelling year, but not too bad. I’ve met some cool new people, discovered disc golf, and generally had a lot of fun. It’s amazing how great life is when you have the right combinations of people, places and events and you take the time to enjoy them. I’m looking forward to an even more fantastic 2012!

The BEST holidays

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