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Krabi, The Limestone Cliff Heaven ||

It was an early day for us so we ended the night perhaps around 12ish after some drinks by the dining table. Sometimes I feel really lucky to have found such good friends. Good influential friends who have always been by my side no matter where I am, making me feel belonged, loved and appreciated.

Day 2 – The cougar experience by The Rayavadee Villa

As girls, we can be pretty dilly dally and especially if your name is Jane Chung. You simply have no idea what she is doing inside the bathroom that takes her thrice twice (trying to be kind) longer than others. It can be pretty frustrating for some, but I’m pretty cool with it. Unless we are really pressing for time if not, there is  always something to do – taking photos, annoying someone across the Pacific Ocean or reading a book.

Prefers the book than me. Hmph.

Redemption from yesterday. Ha. Love the cutting of Ting’s dress.

So demure, Ling.

Off to Phranang Beach. This exclusive beach is only reachable by long tail boat, a outboard engine boat measuring up to 30 metres. It was an unnerving experience. There’s no jetty for us to sashay up the deck onto the unballasted transportation. We had to look out for the current, hop on at the right moment, tie up the maxi dress, make sure our bags aint gonna drop and our slippers are off to prevent slipping. Gawd! Such a hassle. The journey was pretty bumpy, luckily it was just a 15 minutes ride. The scenery was magnificent, almost like a paradise.

Look at those cliffs. So Krabi!

The cougars to be, witnessing in the water actions, gays who are famous editors, young boys looking for someone and hawt bods who are with their gf or on their vacationship.


Reza, the Executive Manager of Rayavadee Villa, Jane’s ex colleague, took us on a site recce. The villas are amazing. The owner’s favorite was our favorite too. 2 bedroom with swimming pool, roughly SGD$10000 per night. We will get there, in 10 years time.

Thailand’s sunset is the best I have ever seen, so far.

All geared up for our poolside party. Moscato, Guinness, Vodka, chips, noodles and an awesome game of “I NEVER.” Jane Leong, you’re so going down!!!

The BEST holidays

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